Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Review: Soap & Glory 'Fab Pore' Facial Peel

So I mentioned the Soap & Glory 'Fab Pore' facial peel in my skin care routine and said that it would be featured in an upcoming review so, voila! Here it is. :) 

For those who are unfamiliar with the brand 'Soap & Glory' then it's basically a quirky cosmetics/skin care company that can be found in Boots or why not check out their online store at and have a browse through their products. They have really expanded this year and I'm excited to see how many different products they have to offer. You can find everything from cosmetics, bath and body care, skin care, gift sets and perfumes. 

They have a signature scent which features throughout most of their bath and body products and you can always find raving reviews on their famous body butters within the beauty community. 

When I first saw their skin care line in Boots just before summer I was keen to try it out. I purchased their 'Fab Pore' hot cloth cleanser, as well as the facial peel. The cleanser retails at £10 and has a gorgeous lavender scent to it. I was really impressed with the cleanser. However, the facial peel is what really stood out for me. It comes in a tub with 50ml of product. I know it seems like a small amount, but it really will last you for months as you just need the tiniest amount. I started using mine in June, and still have about a quarter of a tub left in November so it's worth the £8 price tag. 

When I think of 'facial peel' I get the image of a thin, clear, gel like mask but this product is just basically a face mask. It's a thick creamy consistency with tiny green beads throughout. As you massage the cream onto your face, the tiny beads burst which release their exclusive 'PoreShrink-R Complex' which basically just means, it's a pore tightening product, which is ideal for people with oily skin or T-zone. 

You can leave the mask on for a deep treatment for 15 minutes, this is supposed to be like giving yourself a mini facial. Alternatively, you can just have it on for 5 minutes as a 'refresher' to the skin. It has a lovely minty smell which tingles slightly leaving your face energised and awake. This should be repeated 2-3 times a week for maximum results. I found it made my skin a little less oily, and the over all experience with this product is amazing and lovely to use. Will definitely be re-purchasing this product when I have used my tub all up!
Soap & Glory 'Fab Pore' facial peel £8.00- Boots

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