Monday, 5 November 2012

All Things Nails!

Okay, so here is yet ANOTHER post all about nails! There seems to be such a hype around nail polishes right now, and I have to say, I'm loving it! I always notice other people's nails (wierd, I know!) But if they have a really cool design or colour, then it instantly draws my attention to them! 

I love how high street brands are bringing out their own take on some higher end nail products. If you live in the U.K, you may be familiar with the famous brand in Superdrug MUA. Basically, it's a SUPER affordable make up range starting from only £1! It's surprisingly good quality and even their 'professional' line is all really cheap priced too! They have their own version of the 'Caviar' nails, and it's supposed to be amazing! I have yet to try it out, as it isn't really convenient for my work, however I will definitely be picking one up next time I'm in Superdrug and no doubt I'll be getting plenty wear out of the Caviar nail design over the upcoming festive period! If you have tried it out, what are your thoughts? How long did it last on your nails?

MUA Caviar Nails (available in Superdrug)

Another nail polish look I'm obsessed with right now is all things glittery! In the past I have never been one to go out and buy a glittery polish, however, this season they seem to be everywhere! It always seemed to be higher end brands who would bring out glitter in the past, such as Nails Inc. That being said, I was in Tesco over the weekend and was browsing through the make-up aisle when I came across the famous high street brand, Rimmel, have brought out their own line of 'Precious Stone' sparkly nail polish! At £3.99, I had to pick one up and give it a try! I chose the colour 'Diamond Dust'. It's a really pretty gun-metal grey. In just 2 coats, this provides an opaque coverage to the nail which I thought was fantastic! However, I did apply my Sally Hansen 'Mega Shine' as a topcoat because you can feel the roughness of the glitter once it is applied. This can make it snag on things so just to create a smoother surface, I would definitely recommend a top coat! I got about 5 days wear out of it without any chips, which is good for a high street polish (a lot longer than my Barry M one's anyway) and then it was time for me to take it off. Eeek! Prepare to scrub your life away! This nail polish is the most difficult one I have EVER had to remove in my life! I spent a good 10 minutes scrubbing away trying to take it all off. If you can put aside that one minor fault, then I would really recommend you give this product a shot, especially over the Christmas period. It also comes in a glittery red colour which I am curious to try out also. Has anyone tried it? Would you say it was a nicer colour in comparison to the 'Diamond Dust' one? 


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