Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Winter Essentials

Hello again ladies! Yet another blog post from me today (too much time on my hands this afternoon and far too cold to venture off outside!) This is going to be my essentials for this Winter!

First up is a good lip balm! I don't suffer from chapped lips but they do tend to go that little bit drier over the Winter months so I like to keep them hydrated with a good lip balm. My favourite's are ones from the company Balmi. If you have ever saw/tried the lip balms from EOS- then they are pretty much identical. I bought two EOS lip balms when I was in America and although I did really like them at first, they seemed to go off and begin to taste odd really quickly! I know they are such a popular brand and their products are lovely but I maybe just had bad luck with the ones I got! Anyway, Balmi is basically just an identical balm to EOS. The whole concept is the same, except, the Balmi lip products have the most delicious smell/taste to them and it really lasts! I first tried them when my mum received a blackcurrant one in her Joliebox. I loved it so much that I went out and bought my own! Mines is in the flavour raspberry- they also do them in mint, coconut, strawberry, and of course blackcurrant. Really hydrating on the lips as well as making them taste delicious all day long. 10/10 product for me! 

Balmi lip balms- £4.99 Boots

Another essential for me this Winter is candles! Nothing can beat a lovely smelling candle on these cold, dark nights. I have loads of candles that I love using and it's difficult to just choose one! Yankee candles are a fantastic brand and the quality of these candles are so high. I really love the Vanilla and Lime one and Christmas Cookies, which is just the same fragrance as Vanilla Cupcake! They also do reed diffusers and car air-fresheners in the scents of their candles too which I love! Lily Flame is probably my ultimate favourite candle brand though. I buy mine from Amazon and they range in price- anywhere from about£7-£10. My favourite scent is 'Fairy Dust'. This is the perfect girly scent! It smells really sweet and sugary but also has a tiny hint of a perfume and powdery scent too, it's gorgeous!

Lily Flame candle in 'Fairy Dust'- £8 Amazon

I like to use a nice, thick body butter on my skin during Winter to keep my skin soft, and hydrated. Again, I have many favourites when it comes to body butters. Soap & Glory's famous 'Righteous Butter' is a winner with many people, and I too really love it. It has that signature Soap & Glory scent to it, its non greasy and leaves your skin feeling ahhhmazing! Body Shop body butters are again, another firm favourite with many, but they can be a little bit on the pricey side. A good cheaper alternative is the Boots own brand. They do a range of products and part of their line is body butters. They are a nice, thick consistency and smell divine. My favourite has to be the 'Mango and orange blossom'. It just smells like a really creamy mango sorbet or yoghurt, it's lovely! I used it throughout Summer, and it worked really nicely on my skin, so I have re-purchased it for Winter too! Although it's not a very wintery scent, it's still really nice and fresh, and leaves your skin smelling like mango's all day long!

Mango & Orange blossom body butter- £3.05 Boots

Although it's not necessarily something that should be done in only Winter, I like to use a good hair mask to keep it silky and soft and this Winter I have really been enjoying keeping my hair in good condition. I have been using the Dove hair care line and really can't fault it! It smells heavenly! I use their colour radiance shampoo and conditioner, followed by the intensive treatment a couple of times per week. My hair is in the best condition yet and I think it is down to these little miracle workers! 

Dove hair therapy in colour radiance- starting from £2.49

My final essential for Winter is none other than a good hot chocolate! I'm not a huge tea or coffee drinker so for me, hot chocolate is my Winter drink! Of course it has to include some whipped cream and marshmallows too right?! 

mmmm, yummy!

What are you all loving this Winter?

Lots of Love,
Lauren. xx


  1. I cannot wait to try the Balmi's! I wanna get the strawberry one :)

    I really like candles too, I love Yankee Candles. I'm going to buy that Fairy Dust one though to try it :D

  2. I got one of those candles not so long ago, it was 'watermelon' and was SO nice! I loved it so much I had it on every day whenever I was in my room and so it burnt out after a few days aha.

    Really like your posts :)

    Amy xx

  3. Aw the candle looks really pretty! I want the mint lipbalm.