Hello everyone! :) Welcome to my blog! If you have a passion for all things beauty- this is definitely the right place for you! I have just very recently ventured into the blogging world to share with you all things beauty related, as well as some general chit-chat and life. I want you all to be able to get to know me as a person as well as reading all the beauty stuff I love talking about. 

I'm 19 years old. Will be leaving my teenage years behind me in June as I turn 20. How exciting! I live in a small town on the Scottish coast. It's really pretty, but there's very little for people my age to do. I have a huge interest in all things beauty and love to try out new products. I have spent the last few years watching beauty videos on YouTube as well as reading beauty blogs, they're so addictive! I really wanted a blog of my own- a small slice of the web to share my thoughts and hopefully provide my reader's with some helpful information on various beauty products.

I spent 2 and a half years in the beauty industry and thoroughly enjoyed it. I trained as a make-up artist and was also trained up to do Gelish (a long-lasting gel nail polish) for the salon I was currently working in. However, we all know and understand that times are hard just now and my hours just weren't very reliable or consistent plus I had to pay travel expenses to get to my work so all in all, it just wasn't worth my while and sadly, I had to leave that job- after all, money doesn't grow on tree's! 

Now I work on a Royal Marine base (I know what you're thinking, complete career change!) I work in what they call the Naafi. It's basically just a small supermarket- however it's consistent hours (Monday-Friday), pays well, and lets me have my weekends to myself. Which, by the way, is a huge deal to me as I got my first 'job' at the age of 14, working in a sweetie shop, and have basically worked nearly every weekend right up until now. The job I am in currently isn't something I intend to do to for life. The company I work for allow me to study college courses through them. I also do learning from home in my own time and received many qualifications through that too- as you can tell, I love learning new things, haha! 

Anyway, that's enough about work. In my spare time I enjoy doing things like spending time with friends & my boyfriend, cinema trips, eating out, shopping, reading, playing tennis, dance, and of course blogging. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about me and would like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you who takes time out of their day to read my blogs and comment/follow me. 

Lots of love,
Lauren. xx

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