Saturday, 12 January 2013

I'm Back!

A big hello to you all! 

First and foremost, let me wish you all a happy & healthy 2013. I hope each and every one of you had a magical time over Christmas and got to spend it with your loved ones. 

Secondly, huge apologies for my absence from the blogging world lately. It has been just over a month since I was last on here and feel like I owe you an explanation as to where I've been, and also, on a more positive note, what plans I have for my blog during 2013.

So, my last blog was about a month ago and I then decided I needed to take a break from the blogging world. It wasn't a break I planned on taking, but I felt I just needed a little time out from everything and focus on certain things. Basically, my boyfriend's mum had been suffering from cancer and sadly passed away on 21st July. It was me & my boyfriend who found her, and words really cannot describe how that affected us. It's strange because I don't think I realised just how badly it had affected me until I really took a step back and saw just how much I had been struggling with the little things in day to day life. I'm sure anyone else who has gone through a similar situation knows what I'm talking about. I had become so used to pretending I was okay, that I think I just ended up kidding myself into thinking I was. 

Over Christmas time I really just wanted to focus on my boyfriend, as it would be the first Christmas and New Year without his mum there. We spoke a lot about how we were feeling, and really it was the first time since it happened where we could openly talk about how it had affected each of us. Although we did talk all the way through his mum's illness, we had just got ourselves into the frame of mind that everything was going to be okay and she'd get better, but deep down we both knew it was getting worse. 

I think the New Year has been especially important for the first time ever, as I really do feel this is time to move on and get back to enjoying life again. I now realise that it's okay to enjoy myself and I no longer have to feel like I need to grieve for our loss every day. I know my boyfriend's mum would want us to continue normally and have fun, but for the last few months of last year, that was much easier said than done.

However, it's a New Year and definitely a new start. I really want to be the best I can be, and if anything, I now know how short life can be and really want to live mine to the fullest. I can concentrate on things I enjoy and not feel guilty about having fun. 

I really want to focus on blogging because it is something which I love to do! I feel like I can share more personal aspects of my life with you all because I think it's good to be open about some things and see what other people's perspective can be. So many people bottle up feelings, like I was doing, and it's SO much more better just to talk! Whether it be someone close to you, or through your blog, people are there and willing to help. :)

My blog this year is going to contain a variety of topics. Yes, of course we are still talking beauty (it is the beauty box, afterall!) But I will also be discussing more helpful issues and advice in day to day life.

If you have any other requests on blog posts that you'd like to see in particular, please let me know in the comments and I'd be more than happy to do them for you!

Again, thank you all for your patience at this time, but things are well and truly back on track. :)

Lots of love! x

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  1. Im glad things are back on track, i look forward to your next post! You have a really nice blog hun and it would be nice if you could come over and check my blog out as well and maybe we could follow each other!