Saturday, 27 October 2012

Nails Nails Nails!

So I'm here to talk about everything nails! Lately I have been obsessed with having nice nails and there is SO many different products available to us on the high street now than just a plain standard one colour polish.

I want to give my opinion and experience I have had with various nail polishes and my personal favourites. Not just the ones which are on trend for this season, but the ones which you can't help but wear all year round!

So my favourite nail polish of all time (well, i'm cheating here, because it's a group of 8!) is Sally Hansen's HD polish. WOW, these are incredible! Definitely not just a simple, one colour. These have amazing dimension to them, and if you are a fan of sparkly nails, then these will be right up your street! I got these from WallMart when I was across in America last year, but if you live in the UK, you can buy them online at Amazon, for £4.99. The picture doesn't do it justice! If you can get your hands on one then i'd definitely recommend it, my favourite is in the colour 'DVD'.

Next up, is a couple of polishes from Nails Inc. I think this is a great brand, and you really do get the quality you pay for. They have a mixture of normal polishes as well as special effects one so there is plenty of choice for everyone. They do a really beautiful red shade called 'Villiers Street'. It's a very wearable metallic red and perfect for the up coming festive season. I always get loads of compliments when i'm wearing it!

Nails Inc in Villiers Street

Barry M have some great colours out there as well. My favourite colour from them is Raspberry. It's a gorgeous deep pink colour that just draws attention to the nails. Layered with a shiny top coat for a beautiful manicured look.

Barry M in Raspberry

Essie is now available to us in Boots stores and they have the greatest range of colours I have seen! With a mixture of light pastel shades, right through to darks. I have many favourites from them. My summer polish was the popular 'Fiji'. It is the palest pink colour and looks amazing on the nails. I prefer to wear this colour on my toes. With a tan it looks incredible!

Essie in Fiji

So that's my top nail polish colours and brands. I could go on forever about nail polish's that I love. So what are you loving to wear on your nails right now? Let me know! xx


  1. Wow those Sally Hansen shades look amazing!

    Love TheMaiBug (your first follower!)

    1. They really are! Would definately recommend trying one of them out, maybe even add it to a Christmas wishlist!

  2. I really love that Barry m nail varnish colour! Putting that on my shopping list! I also love your layout! :)

    Zee. X

  3. I really want to try Barry M polishes but unfortunately they are not available where I live. Love Essie polishes & wish I had more. Fiji is definitely on my wishlist :)